Cebelia Hydrating Concentrate x 2

Hydrating Concentrate of the Cebelia Pro range is to be mixed with our My L-HA Booster. Composed of a unique active ingredients association among the main ones are hyaluronic acidpanthenolCentella Asiatica extract and elastin, it brings hydrationcomfort and suppleness to the skin.

And to multiply the benefits, don’t hesitate to mix it with our other concentrates Anti-Aging and Brightening. Use our My L-HA Booster under your daily skincare, morning and/or evening. Its fluid texture penetrates quickly.

For information: 2 ampoules of the same concentrate are needed for 1 benefit, so you will receive 2 ampoules to mix with your serum. The purchase of concentrates is conditioned by the purchase of a My L-HA Booster serum.

Texture : Fluid and light, non-sticky, non-greasy, penetrates quickly
Area : Face, neck, décolleté
Price: R1,499
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