Gentle Face Toner – Bio-Therapeutic

Formulated with our exclusive blend of Calmosensine™, Aloe Vera & Witch Hazel Extract, Glycerin Niacinamide (Easily Absorbed Vitamin B3) and Sage Oil. a Formula that strengthens the cell junction, a moisture level-controlling part of the epidermis that helps seal in skin’s own moisture. The cell junction helps to minimize the space between skin cells to prevent moisture loss. When skin cells are spread out, it’s much easier for moisture to escape.
EDTA in the formula combats heavy metal and other pollutants present in our atmosphere.
Calmosensine™ Modulates perception of unpleasant sensations; enhances well being; alleviates tension to prevent the onset of expression lines and wrinkles.
• Leaves skin feeling ultra fresh, soft, smooth, and instantly hydrated.
• Sweeps away stubborn microscopic traces of makeup and impurities.
• Increases delivery of Cosmeceutical serums and actives into skin.
• Corrects PH Balance of the skin for optimum natural skin care results.

Price: R130
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